Calm lightning breezes

Dance through the scene

Eating yesterday

In a wicked haze

Watch the rolling time fly

In colors

Rainbow tied

To cheap censure

Why block the mind

In silk and gauzy white?


Rhythmic winds of lost lands

A head full of meanings

Draped in intentions

Pleased to invent

Placid reverberations

In close presence

Touching the chords

Rattle with me a little while

Sharp and wicked like we like it

Peel yourself off the day

Interrupt the sky


We have something to be

Brilliant symbols

Of fallen gods

They’ve got to move

Feel it in your veins

Giving motion to sound

Tempting the blank slate

Blossom and bloom

Shake, baby, shake


This is how it feels

Music echoing from your fingertips

Oblivion in my bones

Traveling the last road

South of nowhere

Anyone Still Out There?

It’s been a long time since I posted anything here, but I’m back. I’d stopped writing for a few years. I’d just run out of things to say. But a little over a year ago I finally started writing some poetry and song lyrics again. It’s a new phase of my writing. A lot of it has been stream of consciousness inspired by music genres I’ve gotten into like vaporwave, psy-trance, jazz and dub techno. Some has been observations on society and the current state of civilization.

I don’t know how much of my new stuff I’ll be posting, but I will be putting at least some new writing on here in the coming days and weeks.

So if any of my old followers are still around using WordPress I’ll look forward to your feedback once again.




I felt like this has become much more pertinent in the past few weeks and months.

The Noise of Silence

The odd ones

Ones who walk
Off the path
Not followers
Not sheep
Thinking for themselves
Not accepting
For their own answers
Within the mysteries

Unabashed and unashamed

They used to burn people like us

At the stake

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Icy Light

The stars are stripped naked
Burning on winter’s pyre
Icy light
Dancing illusions
Scenes from within the prism
Distant heat
Chilled in its closeness

The stars stare
While generations rise and fall
In a heartbeat
Each life
All its dreams
A cold and distant spark
The shimmer
In a single crystal of ice

Walk on the Wild Side- Lou Reed Tribute

Standing on a corner
Suitcase in my hand
Lisa says
“I’m waiting for my man”
And I say “Hey, babe,
Take a walk on the wild side.
Sail the darkened seas.
Your European son is gone,
Bye, bye, bye.”

Shiny, shiny
Shiny boots of leather
And a big straw hat
But what costume shall the poor girl wear?
A femme fatale
Beginning to see the light

What goes on in your mind?
I don’t know
Just where I’m going
But anyone who ever had a heart
They wouldn’t turn around and break it
How does it feel
To be loved?

Life’s like
Sanskrit read to a pony
But despite all the amputations
Despite all the computations
What’s good?
Life’s good
And it was all right

This is my tribute to Lou Reed who passed away last Sunday.  This is completely made up of lines from Lou’s songs with the Velvet Underground and a couple of his solo songs.  Sort of a poetry/musical/lyrical collage.
I’m not sure if it really fits with Anna’s Meeting the Bar post on dVerse, but I’ll just throw it out there and let everyone else decide. 🙂

Down in the Hollow

A little Halloween spookiness I originally posted about a year ago. 🙂

Down in the hollow

In the whispering breeze

Dark branches grip and grasp

Their knobby hands naked of leaves

Reaching and scratching

At the white stones below

The silent stones standing

Down in the hollow


Their cold, weathered faces

Peer out through the weeds

The brambles grown wild

Where paths no longer lead

Once names where there graven

But wind and rain leave few traces

Of the identities carved on

Their cold, weathered faces


No one now knows

Who beneath those stones lie

No flowery tokens are left

No tear in a remembering eye

Down in the hollow

Where the whispering breeze blows

Lie bones that once walked, who

No one now knows


All the pumpkin poetry lately has put me in the Halloween mood, so I decided to repost a couple poems I wrote for the holiday last year. This one really pairs up with my last post, “I Am Jack”. Happy All Hallow’s Eve a few weeks early! 🙂


In the black, black night

Heavy with memories

Chill wind and rotting leaves

Carry the voices of the dead

Jack grins


With pulpy gums

And geometric eyes

He smiles on the darkness

Sputtering light

An orangey glow

Of fluttering flame

Peers from between Jack’s teeth

As if afraid to come out

This night Jack smiles

Beneath the cloudy moon

Only he and the spirits know

Whether his light

Wards them off

Or guides them

I Am Jack

No more
No longer sitting
In the cold, rustling Autumn wind
One among the multitude
Of the pumpkin patch

A split-faced grin
And ever glaring eyes
Blade forged features
More human than gourd now
No sweet baked pie
A fire within
This matte orange rind
Pale, pulpy flesh
Flickering to life

From gourd to guard
A sentinel
Of frosty nights and fallen leaves
No longer faceless
I am Jack
And my season has come
Jack-O-LanternFor dVerse Poetics pumpkin poetry prompt (try saying that five times fast, lol)