Known Universe

I know

What a star is made of

Two thousand light years away

I know

When I look at the night sky

The names of stars,

Of galaxies, of comets,

Of nebulae

I can know

(If I took a moment to look it up)

The distance

From here to the other side

Of the Milky Way,

From here

To the farthest

Visible star

With only enough time and study

I can know

The length and breadth

Of a known universe so immense

I am as less than a single drop of water

In all the oceans of the world

By comparison

But I can not know

How big, how deep

Is my love for you

No telescope

Can find it’s boundaries

No measurement

Can ever encircle it

No instrument

Is powerful enough

To sound it’s depths

I can know the universe

But my love for you

Goes beyond

The known universe

Known Universe (Collage by David Eric Cummins)

Da Vinci’s Dream

You’re an American Mona Lisa

With a perpetual smile

You’re Snow White brought to life

In a storybook revival

But I’m no Leonardo

And no charming prince so pure

I just need to see your face

For your heart is my cure

Art has no beauty

No sunset colors shine

Every word is useless

Including all of mine

Every beam of sunlight

Is colder than your face

The moon and all the stars

Have a lesser grace

Your beauty and your smile

Outshine all art that’s been

And if he’d only seen your face

You would be Da Vinci’s dream

Artwork by David Eric Cummins

Smile by David Eric Cummins

Til I go blind

What a scene is this

To see the one I miss

The pleasure in those sparkling eyes

The torture in my smiling disguise

I never want to look away

But bask in the warmth of all you say

Such joy wrapped around the pain

Such ecstasy, though maybe in vain

What brilliant masochistic treasure

To stab me with a knife of pleasure

Pain was once my drug of choice

And it’s such a fix to hear your voice

I could smile all night as you torment me

Both bitter and sweet, making me so happy

Like a beautiful light that burns my eyes

I could look at your face until I go blind

Haiku series

The sunrise shines pink,

Crimson and purple hues mixed

You shine more lovely


The winter night’s stars

Burn brightest of all the year

You are brighter still


The full moon rises

Magical in it’s brilliance

Your eyes cast more spells


Summer sun so warm

Filling the world with it’s joy

Your smile is more sweet


Spring rain falling soft

Brings flowers the breath of life

Your kiss makes me live

Passion and Friendship

(Another 15 year old poem I wrote when my ex-wife and I were dating)


I can laugh and talk with you

A passionate friendship through and through

A touch, a smile, a kiss

All the things I’ve missed

My lover and my friend

Forever without end

Through all the wounds we’ve healed

Whatever time reveals

I will love you unconditionally

Throughout time, eternally

I miss you

A pitiful little soul am I

When you’re gone I want to cry

A day, a day, a day

But it feels like a year

Cold December afternoon

I long to see the moon

Standing hand in hand

Beneath the stars with you

I need a kiss so pure

I’m so f***ing insecure

Every thought, every second

Revolves around you

You’re my place to hide

From a world where I am blind

And when I’m in the open

I can hear the wolves behind

For Christ’s sake it’s just a day!

Just a short time you’re away

But it’s such a lonely, endless time

In your arms I want to stay

I miss you

Three feeble little words

But I miss you

(This is an old poem I wrote when my ex-wife and I were first dating.)