Known Universe

I know

What a star is made of

Two thousand light years away

I know

When I look at the night sky

The names of stars,

Of galaxies, of comets,

Of nebulae

I can know

(If I took a moment to look it up)

The distance

From here to the other side

Of the Milky Way,

From here

To the farthest

Visible star

With only enough time and study

I can know

The length and breadth

Of a known universe so immense

I am as less than a single drop of water

In all the oceans of the world

By comparison

But I can not know

How big, how deep

Is my love for you

No telescope

Can find it’s boundaries

No measurement

Can ever encircle it

No instrument

Is powerful enough

To sound it’s depths

I can know the universe

But my love for you

Goes beyond

The known universe

Known Universe (Collage by David Eric Cummins)


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