The path to love

What do you see

When you look at tomorrow?

Do you see yourself stretched and stressed,

Pulled taught and quivering under the tension

Of someone else’s deep dark places?


I see paths

Infinite divergence

More paths than the stars

Each a choice

Where the easy ones are the hardest

And the hard ones, easy.

Life and love

Are the hardest easy choices to make

Both wild

Untamed at the start

Waiting for the lion tamer to learn her craft

But where life takes one

Love takes two


Love and life will devour you if you let them

One wrong move

One untimely blink of a hesitant eye

In a quantum leap

Life becomes pain

Love becomes hate

Claws emerge from flower petals and dew

Wavelengths of wave functions warp

And you are not where you thought you were

As you wonder how it came to this.


I want to kiss the fingernail scratches of scarlet

Once-life and un-love have left in trails down your back.



Carefully easing- releasing the tight trip wires of your heartstrings.

I will help to retame

That life, that love

That has spiraled dizzyingly

Into an abyss of regret

Reach out

My hand is strong and steady

And waiting


In the particle storm of ever changing feelings,

Safe harbor awaits

If you have the courage

To take the hardest path

To the easiest love

Speak Softly

Speak softly

Gentle child

And tell me what you’ve seen

What you’ve heard

What’s been done

Where you’ve been

Who are you?

I knew you

Or someone like you

In pastel colored days

When the sky was always a haze

And the foul minded

Sheet metal world didn’t exist

That was love


Sweet pale blindness

A youthful ecstasy

So that the gods sighed with nostalgia

Time took away my blindfold

As well as you

And when I opened my eyes

The world was black

Speak softly

Gentle girl

And tell me

Is the world still as it seemed?

Can I still look through rose colored glasses?

Or will it look like fire?

Engulfing a civilization

On the brink of discovery

Can I still look through rose colored glasses

And see you?

Reality has no lover

Time knows no shame

And fate has no fear

Of crushing a love

Of murdering feeling

Like a firing squad of the damned

Speak softly

Gentle lady

My mind is sore

And I am scream sick

Tortured by reality’s half-sung chorus

Speak of your highway

And those who have toured there

Like a documentary

Filling my head with new mysteries

I can only pretend to understand

Ruin comes quickly

As a new fad sweeping the nation

And passes just as muddled and confused

Resurrection comes at a high price

Your words, dear lady,

Are the words of god

On a clear night

On the open plain

Speak softly


(This is an older poem I wrote in the 90’s, but it’s one of my favorites)


You are in bloom

Full blossom

A tree laden

With ripe fruit

Raising the hunger inside me

Tantalizing sweetness

The soft blush of your skin

Glistening with salty dew

Deliciously drawing me closer

To taste

To sample the succulent flesh of your fruit

Fresh apples and honey you are

Both growing and satisfying

My hunger and thirst at once

I would reap your sensual harvest

Storing nothing away

Slowly feasting

Nestled in your branches

Delighting in every juicy sweet morsel

That touches my famished lips

Savoring you

Letting you slowly melt on my tongue

As I melt for you

The Strongest Heart

I’ve always known

You are strong,


A woman of will.

I’ve always seen

The pure, raw power

Of your heart.

But until I watched you weather

All life’s recent assaults,

The slings and arrows

You have endured,

I had never known

Just how incredibly strong

A woman you are!

A woman invincible

Though fragile

A woman whose heart,

Though breakable,

Is resilient

Rising like the phoenix

From every flame that touches it.

You were stronger than the fear

For your little girl’s heart.

You are infinitely stronger

Than the one who has treated you

With the bitter cold

Of a thousand winters.

I stand in awe

And I stand in love

Of a woman whose heart

Is so much stronger

Than I could ever have imagined.

Than I could ever be.