I want to listen to music I’ve never heard before

I want to see you

Naked and glowing

In all your glory

You- a woman

I- a man

We will dance into eternity

On beams of light that shine

Just because we touch

I want to be lost inside you

No way out

No escape

Everywhere I turn

Is you


The only air I need to breathe





What did I know of love?

As a young man-

Or rather, an old boy-

A teen, then twenty-something

Scarcely versed in love

Trying in conceit

To show wisdom

Without experience

Like capturing a butterfly in a jar

And pretending I knew

Everything about butterflies.


***Ever go back and read things you wrote when you were young and foolish and suddenly  realize just how young and just how foolish you were?  I sure have!  😉

Saturday Night

Saturday night

And I know where all the lovers are

They are here


Nimble fingers tapping out lines

Some of love lost

Some of love found

Some weep for the past

Some hope for the future

But either way

They are here

For it seems to me

There are always more poems of love

On Saturday night

Than on any other night of the week.


**Just an observation that turned into a poem 🙂

The Hardest Thing to See

The hardest thing in the world to see

Is the difference

Between the person who says “I love you”

Because they want you to make them happy

And the one who says “I love you”

Because they want to make you happy.


But the difference,

Though so difficult to see

That it seems invisible,

Is immense.

For it is the dividing line


Selfishness from selflessness,

Neediness from giving,

Control from freedom,

Lust from love.



**This was something I was thinking about last night.  The truth of it is probably up for debate.  Some may see it differently than I do…  But I will be the first to admit that I have been guilty of saying it for the selfish reason in the past.***

Angel in a Dream

I think I see you

I know I feel you

My body screams

“Is this a dream?”

An angel floats above me

To give me a new soul

To fill the empty blackness

Where something had been stole

My heart is cleansed

After years of pain

In a dream that’s real

I come to life again

I see now I never

Should have doubted fate

Though I missed the message

I didn’t learn too late

Now an angel shines on me

Fate always knows best

Leave all the other gods

To the ever searching rest


-November 1996


They slither thither on the floor

Flowing slowly towards the door

Excitement rages all around

Glowing embers on the ground

And nothing can shine so far

That can burn like your heart


Your mistress’ eyes shine like a spark

Stealing, chasing in the dark

And when the sun falls down on her

You feel her soft red kisses blur




I see you sliding through the room

Faintly melding with the gloom

I can feel you smile at me

Piercing my heart with a beam

And nothing could dispel the myths

That are hidden in your kiss


Your mistress’ eyes shine like a spark

Stealing, chasing in the dark

And when the sun goes down on her

You feel her soft red kisses blur




– 1991 (first half) & June 1996

Sound of Speed

Beats pulsing through my bones

I see you standing all alone

Light and darkness become one

All the colors start to run

Art in motion, swaying slow

Moves me where I want to go


And beauty comes and beauty goes

Cinders burning in passion’s throes

Reach out and touch the heat within

Find holy bliss in all your sin


All stand like stone or move so fast

For the meek will nothing ever last

The fire burns for those who dare

To hold the sun and embrace its flare

Those headstone ones standing like the grave

No one will reach out to save


The light of night and the sound of speed

Illuminate what our hearts need

So take the wheel and steer it true

To close the space between me and you


-July 2006