Poetry Challenge Week 6- A Thing of Beauty

This is my entry for Clown Ponders Poetry Challenge for the week of 4/20/2012.  (By the way, if you haven’t visited Clown Ponders blog before, go check it out. It’s excellent!)

A Thing of Beauty

Memories are jewels

Set in the foggy fabric of time

I keep them polished and gleaming

So that every thought of you

Is a thing of beauty

That will never fade

Something I Can’t Have

I can’t kiss your lips

But I can see your smile

And summer sun couldn’t warm me more

Or moonlit nights bring more peace


Your heart may not belong to me

But mine is yours no less

For what is freely given

I need nothing in return


You’re something I can’t have

But I can live with that

Better to live next door to Heaven

Than on the far side of Hell


I’m having a hard time coming up with something to write tonight, so I guess I’ll post this old poem from 2006 when I was fighting a nasty case of writer’s block. –


Where are the words?

They’re lost


They’ve jumped like lemmings from my mind

Into a chasm of loss

Once upon a time they would come

I didn’t have to think

They came

Leaping from my pen

Ink jewels

In blue and black

As if they weren’t mine at all

But channeled

From some eloquent spirit

Longing to be heard

Where are you now spirit?


Whatever name best fits you

You fed me words once

Now I’m starving

Craving the language that once nourished me


Were you pushed away?

Sickened by my filthy cynicism?

My reality?

My day by day drudgery?


“There is a rot on us all”

I let the rot grow over me

And my muse withered with it


Can I resurrect you?

If I raise my pen once more

Will you return?

Like a soldier fresh from the front

With countless tales to tell

To make me feel vital

To have energy

Crackling with the electricity of creation


That sweet remembered taste

It is out there

Waiting for the train to pass

Drop me off, muse

I think this

Is my stop

365 Todays

I stand like stone



Crippled with fear

Like emotional polio




Am I so fragile?

A crystalline soul

Liable to collapse into a thousand splintered fragments?

Shards of glass

Where my heart once was?

Where my ego once stood?


But I break my own heart everyday

Always saving the sweetest lies

To tell myself

“Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow” I say

Knowing all the while

Where fear says “tomorrow”

Strength says…



Today is all there is

This day

Is the only day


Will always be just out of reach

But now-

Now is eternal

Look at the calendar and realize

It shows no tomorrows,

But 365



The Music of Life

Before my eyes

Petals dance from the trees

In the violin wind

The air resonates


With a thrum I feel into my bones

The music of life

Spun soft, but fierce


Doubts lie hidden

Dreams sit just beneath the surface

Something alive

Waiting for a grand unveiling

When life will change in an instant

And the music will play faster

More chaotic

Ecstasy calling the dance

Can you feel that?

The hum of tectonic feelings

A seismic shift


Something’s got to give

Love can shake the world,

The world of two people,

As the music shakes the air

Your earth

My sky

Meet as one

Come together

In the storm before the calm

Let’s go! (Our Own Neverland)

Let’s go

Come with me

And let’s go, go, go

Forget the meaning of “where”

And just go

Take what we need and


No stopping

Until the air is warm

The breezes sweet

Sun on our faces

We won’t stop

Until grey days are so far behind us

They can’t even be recalled

Let’s lose ourselves

And go find ourselves again

Look where there is happiness

Look where love drifts like dandelion fluff in the air


There you will find us

In our own Neverland



Let’s go

Let’s go

Thank You Once Again!

I want to thank Ami Fidele of Perplexing Thoughts for nominating The Noise of Silence for the 7X7 Link Award!  I highly recommend everyone to check out Ami’s fantastic poetry!  It is some really wonderful writing. 🙂

The rules of this award:

1.  Tell everyone something they don’t know about you.

I work at night during the week and sleep during the day, so most of my poetry is written at around 3 o’clock in the morning.

2.  Link to posts that I think best fit the following categories:

Most Beautiful- A Princess to a Queen or The You That I See

Most Helpful- The Hardest Thing to See (I suppose it might be helpful to someone)

Most Popular- Message to You

Most Controversial- Monster

Most Surprisingly Successful- Leap Day (who knew so many people would google “leap day poems”?)

Most Underrated- Da Vinci’s Dream

Most Pride-Worthy- Speak Softly

3.  Pass this award on to seven other bloggers.

Here are seven of my favorites:

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All seven of these blogs (plus Perplexing Thoughts) are beautifully written.  They are some amazingly talented writers. So go check them out!

Go on.  I’ll wait.  😉

Looking out Earth’s window

On a spring evening

Jupiter and Venus gleam in the west

Mars and Saturn rise like sparks

From some distant bonfire in the east

I’m looking out Earth’s window

Peering at our neighbors

As they make their nightly rounds

And it makes

Me feel


The sensation

Looking out that window

On an expanse so huge

The clockwork movements

Of which we are simply dust specks

On a single cog

Yet this little speck of dust

Holds a love

Bigger than this solar neighborhood

The sun and all the planets

Could be fit

On the head of a pin

Compared to my love

Are you electric?

You hold such power

Such magic

You walk in the room

Look me in the eye

And I am hypnotized


I feel demons being exorcized

You smile

And I feel light shining on me

A fleeting touch

And pure raw energy sizzles down my spine

Are you electric?

Are you magic?

You are both

High voltage spells

Cast from your eyes, your hands

Zinging from your lips

I am dazzled


Helpless in the face

Of your beautiful wizardry


(I really didn’t start out meaning to use all those Z’s. For some reason they just felt right 😉 )