Are you electric?

You hold such power

Such magic

You walk in the room

Look me in the eye

And I am hypnotized


I feel demons being exorcized

You smile

And I feel light shining on me

A fleeting touch

And pure raw energy sizzles down my spine

Are you electric?

Are you magic?

You are both

High voltage spells

Cast from your eyes, your hands

Zinging from your lips

I am dazzled


Helpless in the face

Of your beautiful wizardry


(I really didn’t start out meaning to use all those Z’s. For some reason they just felt right 😉 )




4 thoughts on “Are you electric?

  1. All she did was stop in to drop off a light bulb and have a quick chat, and I end up writing this just from that little ten minute visit! I’m hopeless 😉

    • Thank you, Sarah. It’s funny how ones like this that are written quickly on the spur of the moment can turn out better than the ones I spend a lot of time thinking about. 🙂

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