The Music of Life

Before my eyes

Petals dance from the trees

In the violin wind

The air resonates


With a thrum I feel into my bones

The music of life

Spun soft, but fierce


Doubts lie hidden

Dreams sit just beneath the surface

Something alive

Waiting for a grand unveiling

When life will change in an instant

And the music will play faster

More chaotic

Ecstasy calling the dance

Can you feel that?

The hum of tectonic feelings

A seismic shift


Something’s got to give

Love can shake the world,

The world of two people,

As the music shakes the air

Your earth

My sky

Meet as one

Come together

In the storm before the calm

3 thoughts on “The Music of Life

  1. Tried doing a little stream-of-consciousness kind of poem last night, and this was the result. It had been a while since I’d tried writing that way. Ironically, I kept starting to nod off while writing so it was a little stream-of-unconsciousness too. 😉

    • Thank you, Sarah! This one came out more cryptic than most of the stuff I’ve written in the past few months. I just let words and phrases pop into my head and didn’t worry about making my meaning clear this time.

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