Inspiring Blog Award

I want to thank R.L. King of 75 Kaleidoscopes for nominating The Noise of Silence for the Inspiring Blog  Award.

 I can’t begin to describe how honored I am that someone would find my blog “inspiring”.  It means so much to me that so many strangers from all over the world enjoy my words 🙂

The rules for the Inspiring Blog Award:

1. Thank the person who nominated you. (Done.  Thank you again R.L.!)

2. Tell 7 things about yourself that have not come up in your blog posts.

1) I will be 40 years old in less than 2 months.

2) I love history and have spent many years researching my own family history.

3) I love astronomy and can often be seen staring at the night sky locating planets and constellations.

4) I know I’ve referred to my artwork on my blog, but I don’t think I’ve ever shared the link to my DeviantART profile

5) I have a degree in Social Science.

6) Until such time as my writing can pay all my bills, I make a living working in a cheese factory. Yep, it sucks.

7) I’ve lived in a small, rural town all my life. Lots of cows, corn and hay fields, and forest covered hills.  In fact, I could probably count the number of times I’ve been to “the city”- any city- on my fingers.

3.  Pass this award to 7 bloggers you find inspiring and explain why.

Dean J. Baker – Heart, passion, humor, vision.  Dean’s poetry is the real deal.

The Bus Stop Blues – Often heartbreaking poems, but always with a ray of hope.

Sarahjaneprosetry – Sarah’s poetry is enlightening and empowering.  Pure emotion expressed, which is what I’ve always thought art, poetry, music, etc. should be.

Allison Grayhurst – Allison’s poetry is like a rollercoaster ride through an alternate reality. Like a glimpse into another dimension where everything is different, but still somehow familiar.

Ina – Ina is a writer who, with just a few words, can make everyday things seem magic.

ClownRhymes – An excellent poet in his own right whose “Poetry Challenges” push myself and others to test our boundaries.

Rebel Coyote – Poetry with emotion, humor and everything in between.  Always something different and always something wonderful.

All these blogs have inspired me to write more, to write better and to expand and grow in my writing.  Thank you all! 🙂

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