Saturday Night Downtown

Street lights gleam


Off the onyx surface of the night

Their electric hum, a backdrop

For the low drone buzz

Of a Saturday night



I hear activity on the streets

Voices and cars

The clubs and bars

Slowly filling

Music pounding

Where all are searching

For something

Good times





Or some combination

In the dimly lit haze

Of cigarette smoke and perfume

And the drying dregs evaporating

From bottles and glasses


Seekers all

Just as I

I’ve found those things before

And I’m sure I will again

But not this night

This night, I will write

Ink and paper escapism

Wish the other seekers good luck

There’s a single Guinness in the fridge

And enough 12 year old single malt for a small glass

And words enough

To keep me up

‘Til last call

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