A Candle in the Dark


Is a shroud

Worn by those

Who live in the grave

Envisioning the dirt

Being shoveled upon upturned faces

With downcast eyes



Is a candle in the dark

A sacred flame

Held onto for dear life

A beacon from the future

A warming light that says

“Come here”


To be an optimist

Is not to always be happy

It is staring into the darkness,

Even in the cruelest cell

Of frustration, pain, anger and sadness,

Holding up that candle

And knowing

It burns as long as I stand

No matter how black the night


Can not extinguish a flame

But the flame will always

Extinguish the darkness


14 thoughts on “A Candle in the Dark

  1. Dostoevsky would disagree with you if he was alive :). Positivity is becoming an invasive obsession (happy-ending movies, positive books and all this crappy fast-food philosophy)

  2. David, thank you for the support and verbal hand holding. This was exactly what I needed to keep my head up. Another message in the bottle.

    And I agree with you whole heartedly.

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    • Thank you, Sarah! This poem came out of some things I was thinking on my drive to work last night. I’ve always been a very positive minded person, and after having a rather rough week last week, it struck me that being positive doesn’t mean always being happy- just realizing that “bad” things don’t last… I’m glad my random thoughts could be helpful. πŸ™‚

      • You are welcome. I made a promise to myself many years ago during a very rough time for myself that I would be a happy person. It takes much awareness and sacrifice to follow what will keep your candle bright. It’s nice to hear someone else on the same journey.

  4. Beautifully expressed πŸ™‚
    I love how ya said :

    Can not extinguish a flame

    But the flame will always

    Extinguish the darkness”

    Keep up the Good work πŸ™‚

  5. I think you have it right…negativity isn’t always avoidable, but needn’t be the end of the story either. I really enjoyed this poem, David, look forward to reading more of your work and thank you once again for following my blog.

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