Letting Go

**This is in response to a challenge from Sarah Jane of SarahJaneprosetry to write a poem on the theme of “letting go”.**


I held a balloon

That took me higher

Ever higher

Took me places

I’d never imagined

And I learned

I learned who I was

And who I did not want to be


But the balloon

Needed to fly

Fly places I

Was not ready to go

So with a wistful smile

And a grateful heart

I let go

I let go

And found myself


Found that I

Was a balloon as well


Now we fly


But still close

Strings still intertwined

And though I no longer

Hold that balloon

I can look

I can see it

And I smile

As I watch it soar away

Through the bluest sky

No longer mine to hold

But forever mine

To remember

And to thank

For teaching me

To fly


11 thoughts on “Letting Go

  1. oooo…can we all join in. Love collective pieces…Silver and I seem to be, hmmm…, not challenging but sharing our visions through theme. This was a great one Dave…now must visit miss SarahJane.

      • lol…well I will see if inspiration hits on ‘letting go’…and let you know if it does, feel free to join silver and I on writing about eyes and wishes, two separate pieces

      • eyes and wishes…Silver and I are done the eyes ones, I finished up wishes today…Windows to the Pain and Poison versus Life are mine…the link to her eyes one is on my poem…join if you wish, no rules:)

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