Sound and Vision

**Sarah Jane of SarahJaneprosetry just posted an amazing poem yesterday inspired by a painting of mine called “Mary of Silence”.  I encourage everyone to go check it out by clicking the link above…This inspired me to write a poem of my own based on another of my paintings.**

Beethoven: Symphony No. 7 by David Eric Cummins

Sound and Vision

Lightning dances

Across the mind’s eye

Radiating energy

Illuminating vision

That sees beyond reality

To see the unseen

Sound and vision

Become one

Seeing music

Hearing light

For an instant

Day is night

And night is day

And color

Begins to speak

6 thoughts on “Sound and Vision

  1. Firstly, thank you so much! Secondly, this is so wonderful. It’s so great to have a community of writers here that we can inspire each other when need be. You are too good of a poet to go quiet – unless you need some quiet time.

    • Actually, the painting’s full title is “Beethoven: Symphony No.7, Allegretto”, so the second movement, lol.

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