**Not so much a real “poem”, more just thinking about the way music has defined different periods of my life over the years and helped make me who I am 🙂 **

The soundtrack of my life


With Blondie

My first favorite band

At 8 years old

Then comes “Thriller

Before Michael Jackson

Went all weird on us

Men At Work followed

With The Thompson Twins

Duran Duran and Howard Jones

But I grew bored

Pop candy didn’t satisfy

I turned to classical

Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Dvorak

Symphonic sounds

Filled my teenage bedroom.

But change was coming


Love and Rockets

Echo and the Bunnymen

And (best of the best)

The Jesus and Mary Chain

My life was changed

My life was saved

I dove into the underground

The revolution was televised!


Pearl Jam

And one night

Alone in my room with Kennedy

The Sex Pistols

My life changed once more

I got drunk on punk

The Clash and The Damned

The Velvet Underground and The Ramones

Classics enhanced by new blood

Green Day

Bush and Oasis.

My tastes expanded

Taking in Bob Marley

Bob Dylan

The Doors and The Beatles

Became my new friends.

Years passed

I found myself in black and white

With The White Stripes

And Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.

In 2003

Glen Miller, Les Brown and Tommy Dorsey

Kept me in touch

With the grandmother I’d just lost.

Then Sean Paul

Was the sound of summer

When I was first free again.

I rediscovered classical

And the magic of Scarlatti and Vivaldi

Until I found


Pulsing aural experimentation

Which led

To Daft Punk

And Deadmau5.

As I look back and see

How all these sounds have combined within me

Uniquely me

I realize…

It’s a wonder my mp3

Has not blown up yet!  😉

11 thoughts on “Soundtrack

    • Back when I used to go to a night club on Saturday nights they played a lot of Sean Paul. His music still reminds me of eating cinnamon candy while sipping Captian Morgan and Coke, lol.

  1. LOL…this is awesome…no wonder the word ‘glissando’ roped you in…I will not be caged into a genre either…If I feel it, I love it. So great that you are just a musical soul 🙂

  2. This is great. I started exploring my musical voyage a while back. It is quite a journey. Music has been my biggest comfort or closest friend many times. Great post!

    • Lately, my son and I have been listening to a lot of Daft Punk, Deadmau5 and Chemical Brothers. Oh, and Primus. But the radio in my car is usually set on the classical music station. So I’m still all over the map, lol.

      • Flipron is another I’ve been listening to a lot. Have you heard of them? They’re from Glastonbury. They’re just about impossible to categorize, lol. Super catchy tunes though.

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