Such A Bore

**This is another song lyric written in August 1996…In case you’re wondering why I’ve been posting all this old stuff, it’s because I’ve been spending most of my writing time lately working on a new novel rather than writing poetry.  But never fear.  There will be more new poetry!**

Boredom runs us over like a slow train

Sucking all the energy from my brain

Nothing elevates our lives anymore

Something is the nothing we’re looking for


Take me under and hide me in you

End this endless nothing to do

Take me with you and set me free

Name this nameless picture of me


Boredom pulls us down like a slow disease

The blood inside my veins is starting to freeze

Thaw me with your blurry warming lips

There’s something I might find in your fingertips


Take me down and hide me in you

Face this faceless nothing to do

There’s no progress, my blood is slowing

Change this changeless tired wind blowing


Give me something more

Show me what’s in store

This is such a bore

This is such a bore

Burn me to the core

My heart has been tore

This is such a bore

This is such a bore

4 thoughts on “Such A Bore

  1. Especially the first line… Grinding, destructive boredom…. Yep, you’ve described it well.
    So what genre is the novel? Just being nosy – you don’t have answer that if it’s too intrusive. 🙂

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