Waiting for a Train

Have you ever really, really wanted to write a poem, but you just couldn’t come up with something that you felt like writing about?  That’s how I’ve been the last couple of days.

Words rattle around my brain

Bouncing off my mental walls

Nothing sticking, it all falls

Into puddles of ink rain


Like a bottle of pop shaken

Pressure builds of thoughts

Ideas on the page caught

But shape they haven’t taken


The words come formless as the foam

Not a phrase to hang a poem upon

Like melting ice, too soon they’re gone

Too far my mind continues to roam


With ticket held in eager hands

I await the next creative train

To ease the literary strain

When words will flow like desert sands


Inspired by a prompt from dVerse by way of a post by Polly Robinson.  I think I’ve strayed away from the original idea behind the prompt on dVerse somewhat, but I don’t think anyone will hold it against me 🙂 …I discovered this word many years ago in Rawlinson’s Seven Great Monarchies of the Ancient World and have always thought it was a shame there isn’t an equivalent in English.



Means ‘Most beautiful eyed one’

A word from Old Persian

Lost beyond time’s horizon


We need a word today

That in a single breath

Could as much say


No English word can describe

Iris, cornea, pupil and lash

Tell not of the beauty inside


Is spoken in every sigh

That passes each lover’s lips

While gazing in each other’s eyes



Rise and Fly- An Invitation

This little town in the wooded hills of western New York where I live isn’t known for much.  Sure, it is the home town of old time western movie sidekick Gabby Hayes.  And our local diner, The Texas Hot, just happens to be Donny Osmond’s favorite.

But every year on the third weekend of July people flock to Wellsville for the Great Wellsville Balloon Rally!   

Dozens of hot air balloonists from all over the USA and Canada descend on Wellsville (no pun intended) for a weekend long festival that includes hundreds of vendors, games, live music, food, vintage car shows and- of course- mass balloon launches.

If you’ve never watched dozens of multi-colored hot air balloons inflating and taking off into the summer sky together and flying right over your head, it is an amazingly beautiful- and slightly surreal- sight.  So I thought I’d share a little visual poetry with you all today and post some of the photos I took yesterday and this morning from the last two balloon launches.

The “Afterglow” Saturday evening

Over the hills and far away

People of the Sun

And the sun sets on the 37th Annual Great Wellsville Balloon Rally

So if you ever have the chance to pay Wellsville, New York a visit in July, make it the third weekend of July and catch the Balloon Rally!  I’ll save you a spot at the park 😉

Beneath the Stars

**Written January 20, 1993**

On many nights I’ve walked alone

Beneath a billion stars

And my thoughts were wide and varied

Under as many stars


Thoughts of love, thoughts of hate

Thoughts of what I once understood

Things I found I knew less about

Than I ever could


All the thoughts I’d nurtured and rose

Throughout my years so young

Were now all in a moment froze

By a love beneath these stars

Get Away From the Everyday

**Photos by me, from a 2010 camping trip to Allen Lake, Allen, NY about 20 miles from my home**

The beauty of seclusion

The silence of nature


Where a deep breath

And a long gaze

Taking in the freshness

Cleanses the mind

Recharges the soul

Far removed from the hustle and bustle

Of everyday

I smile inwardly at the serenity

Of clouds and sky

Water and trees                                                

And I smile outwardly

At the irony

That this place of nature’s beauty

Is man-made

Lock and Key

To know who you are

To be satisfied


With your own self image

Is the key to happiness

But to know who you are NOT

And accept it


And without regret

Is the lock into which

The key fits

**Many thanks to Lady Day for getting me to wax poetic again after being immersed in fiction the past few weeks.  Funny how a passing comment can sometimes spark creativity.  😉