Inspired by a prompt from dVerse by way of a post by Polly Robinson.  I think I’ve strayed away from the original idea behind the prompt on dVerse somewhat, but I don’t think anyone will hold it against me 🙂 …I discovered this word many years ago in Rawlinson’s Seven Great Monarchies of the Ancient World and have always thought it was a shame there isn’t an equivalent in English.



Means ‘Most beautiful eyed one’

A word from Old Persian

Lost beyond time’s horizon


We need a word today

That in a single breath

Could as much say


No English word can describe

Iris, cornea, pupil and lash

Tell not of the beauty inside


Is spoken in every sigh

That passes each lover’s lips

While gazing in each other’s eyes



15 thoughts on “Uvakshatara

  1. David, this is so ace! If you click on the other poets links in dVerse and leave your comments for them, they’ll get back to you, they’re wonderful with their comments …

  2. It is no wonder Persian writers and poets have produced some of the best writings to date, with words like that. I love how you blended it into your poem, giving us even more. Lesley

    On another note entirely,

    There is a word that I have been trying to find that is also Persian (Farsi?) – It means to lie in a complementary fashion as to not offend but not mean a word you are saying.(some are very effective at this 🙂 ) I think it sound like ‘teraff’ – Are you familiar with it by chance?

    • I’m not familiar with that, but it certainly sounds like another word we should have in English. 🙂

  3. Yes, the poetic genius of encapsulating so much into one word, English is the greatest language on this account. This is a wonderful incorporation and exploration of the depth of meaning found within a word. I especially enjoyed the reasons why, the single breath, a poetry to be practiced in love, the moment!

  4. nice…i am glad you played along and i def dont think you strayed far…the eyes are the gateway to our hearts….and deep pools that you can easily get lost in…smiles…lovely take on the prompt…

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