Love Song For Luna Lovegood

This is a rewrite of something I wrote a few years back that I was prompted to edit by Victoria C. Slotto’s prompt on dVerse about fictional characters. I’m too late to add it to their links, but I thought I’d post it anyway.  All the Harry Potter fans out there (and aren’t we all?) will understand it.  Need I mention that Luna Lovegood is one of my favorite fictional characters?  😉

I live to see your misty eyes

And hear your dreamy voice

It’s like I’m under the Imperius curse

And I have no other choice

Sitting beside the lake

Drinking dirigible plum tea with you

While reading each other The Quibbler

Is all I want to do

For you I would fight Death Eaters

And He Who Must Not Be Named

Or walk the Forbidden Forest

Til all it’s creatures I had tamed

Take my hand and we’ll fly away

Upon a thestral’s back

And spend forever searching together

For the crumplehorned snorkack

Tell me, tell me, Luna

Anything and I’ll believe you

Show me, show me, Luna

All the magic you can do

Love me, love me, Luna

‘Cause you know I love you

A Beautiful Sadness

This is in response to a prompt from Stuart McPherson over at dVerse.  I wish I had a photo to put with it, but the closest I’ve got is a sketch I did with quill and ink several years ago while visiting this place.  This is about a country road in the tiny village of Ashford Hollow, NY where several generations of my ancestors lived, and the old graveyard on the hill there where they are buried.

A Beautiful Sadness

A windswept hill

Along a lonely country road

Where rustic farmhouses barely changed

In over a hundred years

Dot the forested hillsides

Sitting amongst golden fields of hay

And the leafy green rows

Of corn fluttering in the breeze

And the cows lowing serenely

Behind post fences


This is home

Though I have never lived on this hill

The blood in my veins recalls

Days of horse drawn wagons

And self-reliance



Across the field

Stood the homestead where

My grandmother was born

And there

Just down the dusty dirt road

Her parents, grandparents, great-grandparents

Lived, worked, played, loved

Helping to settle and tame the wilderness


And here they are still

On this windy country hilltop

Gathered together

Beside the corn stalks and pastures

Weather beaten stones of grey and white

Look out over the valley

Silent as the bones beneath my feet

Unable to answer

All the questions I could ask them

But greeting me in their silence

And welcoming me home

Ink sketch looking from the Dutch Hill Road cemetery across the valley to Rocks Springs Road, Ashford Hollow, NY

Night’s Seduction

Fables twist through my veins

Like moonlight filtered

Through the heavy summer night

As lover’s voices I can’t understand

In rhyming riddles

Play like distant music

Lulling me with whispers

It seems I’ve never heard


Sleep awaits me

Dreams lie on stand by

But I’m not ready

The moon still calls to me

Cooing softly

The night brushes against my skin

Runs it’s hands through my hair

With a sly grin

And a come-hither eye

The night seduces the words from me

To show me the dreams

I must be awake to see

Is There Anybody Out There?


Out there

Beyond the veil of pixels and light

Someone waits

Someone dreams

Writing to bare their soul

Holding it up to the mirror

In hopes that it will become a window

A new face

On a reflected heart

Instead of the echoing void

Full of blindness

We call out into that vastness

Hoping our words will reverberate

In someone else’s voice

To hear


A beacon of light

Far out in space

That says

“Me too”