Love Song For Luna Lovegood

This is a rewrite of something I wrote a few years back that I was prompted to edit by Victoria C. Slotto’s prompt on dVerse about fictional characters. I’m too late to add it to their links, but I thought I’d post it anyway.  All the Harry Potter fans out there (and aren’t we all?) will understand it.  Need I mention that Luna Lovegood is one of my favorite fictional characters?  😉

I live to see your misty eyes

And hear your dreamy voice

It’s like I’m under the Imperius curse

And I have no other choice

Sitting beside the lake

Drinking dirigible plum tea with you

While reading each other The Quibbler

Is all I want to do

For you I would fight Death Eaters

And He Who Must Not Be Named

Or walk the Forbidden Forest

Til all it’s creatures I had tamed

Take my hand and we’ll fly away

Upon a thestral’s back

And spend forever searching together

For the crumplehorned snorkack

Tell me, tell me, Luna

Anything and I’ll believe you

Show me, show me, Luna

All the magic you can do

Love me, love me, Luna

‘Cause you know I love you

7 thoughts on “Love Song For Luna Lovegood

    • Thank you. I wrote another Potter inspired song/poem once about the Burrow as well. Maybe I’ll post that one sometime too. 🙂

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