Oh, To Be In England

This is dedicated to all my wonderful blogger friends across the pond in the UK. 🙂


You lucky, lucky Brits

How I envy you

How I wish I were there

Spending a glorious

Sunny afternoon

At Old Trafford

Or White Hart Lane

A pint and a pie

A scarf across my shoulders



Among the thousands

Cheering on

Wayne Rooney

Or Gareth Bale

“Glory, Glory Man United…”

“Oh, when the Spurs…

Go marching in…”

To be a part

Of the match day crowd

The excitement

The heartbreak and joy

Of watching heroes

Rise and fall


But no

I am here

Three thousand miles

And a television set away

A pint of Newcastle

A scarf across my shoulders

Cheering (or groaning)


Watching the Beautiful Game from afar

While everyone around me

Watches that other game

By the same name


(Actually, I’d be thrilled to be able to see ANY match in person if I could be in England.  I’m not picky.  I’d even cheer on Chelsea, the team I love to hate! LOL 😉




Art, poetry,

Music and literature

I hear their call

Echoing through reality

To uplift and decorate

This mundane anonymity

Make more

Of what is less

Ink and paper

Paint and canvas

Rhythm and melody

Thoughts and emotions

Made into something




Made into something that speaks

Not of me

Or for me

Something that speaks of and for


Creativity is the spark

The wish on a shooting star

That adds a little


To this eternal dialogue

Of what it means

To be


Autumn Knocking

Chill night air

Summer fades away

Already, leaves of green

Turn golden, orange and red

Soon the buckets will appear

On the trunks of maples

Collecting sweetness

To be condensed

Into sugary amber


Apples and pumpkins

Burnish in the September sun

To be sold on the roadside

Come the stark October winds

The cider mill awakes

From its dormant slumber

Of three seasons

To greet the autumn

With its crisp nectar

And the warm smell

Of fresh made doughnuts



Autumn is knocking at the door

With the scent of woodburning stoves

And the swishing crackle

Of walking through fallen leaves

And while I do not doubt

This season is beautiful

In any part of the world


Beside the Great Lakes glimmer

Among the Appalachian hills

I think it may be

The most beautiful of all


Words for Words

Waiting for words to fall

Like gumballs cascading

From their shattered glass sphere

Multi-colored and shiny

Across the dime store floor


Shake the dictionary

And see what words fall out

Croon and caress

The Thesaurus

Listening for the words

It whispers and purrs


Silky, sunshine adjectives

Vibrant, unrestrained verbs

And haughty nouns

Vie for attention

Hoping to string themselves together

Into a rainbow fractal mosaic

That utters a truth

A whole

Greater than the sum of its parts

Child of the System

Stu McPherson’s prompt over at dVerse today is The Art of Rebellion.  So I dug up this nugget from way back in 1994 when my friends and I formed a rebellious little punk rock garage band. I wrote a lot of sneering, middle-finger-waving, punk song lyrics for the band back then, even though we never actually got around to putting music to them… Oh, well- Viva La Revolucion! LOL

Child of the system

You’re a child of the system

You’ll never be the same

No you’ll never know your name

You’re gonna do just what they want you to

You’re gonna do just what they want you to


Don’t look at me. Ha!

I told you so

They got you in the ruts

You’re just one among a million

Society takes away your guts


You’re part of it all

Look at yourself

They got you by the balls

Made you another self-righteous clone

Society keeps you in its walls


Child of the system

You’re a child of the system

You’ll never live again

Your whole life’s in vain

You did just what they wanted you to

You did just what they wanted you to


They said you need a degree

So you got one

Spend the next ten years in debt

Get the job you’re channeled into

You know you’ll be on the PTA yet


You’re setting up for

The American Dream

Whose dream is this anyway?

You’re now one among a million

Another zombie throwing your life away


Child of the system

You’re a child of the system

Your life is not what it seems

An American nightmare, not a dream

But you did just what they wanted you to

But you did just what they wanted you to

I made a lot of posters, t-shirts, etc with various versions of the “Child of the System” figure on them back in my spiky haired youth 😉