Autumn Knocking

Chill night air

Summer fades away

Already, leaves of green

Turn golden, orange and red

Soon the buckets will appear

On the trunks of maples

Collecting sweetness

To be condensed

Into sugary amber


Apples and pumpkins

Burnish in the September sun

To be sold on the roadside

Come the stark October winds

The cider mill awakes

From its dormant slumber

Of three seasons

To greet the autumn

With its crisp nectar

And the warm smell

Of fresh made doughnuts



Autumn is knocking at the door

With the scent of woodburning stoves

And the swishing crackle

Of walking through fallen leaves

And while I do not doubt

This season is beautiful

In any part of the world


Beside the Great Lakes glimmer

Among the Appalachian hills

I think it may be

The most beautiful of all


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