Oh, To Be In England

This is dedicated to all my wonderful blogger friends across the pond in the UK. 🙂


You lucky, lucky Brits

How I envy you

How I wish I were there

Spending a glorious

Sunny afternoon

At Old Trafford

Or White Hart Lane

A pint and a pie

A scarf across my shoulders



Among the thousands

Cheering on

Wayne Rooney

Or Gareth Bale

“Glory, Glory Man United…”

“Oh, when the Spurs…

Go marching in…”

To be a part

Of the match day crowd

The excitement

The heartbreak and joy

Of watching heroes

Rise and fall


But no

I am here

Three thousand miles

And a television set away

A pint of Newcastle

A scarf across my shoulders

Cheering (or groaning)


Watching the Beautiful Game from afar

While everyone around me

Watches that other game

By the same name


(Actually, I’d be thrilled to be able to see ANY match in person if I could be in England.  I’m not picky.  I’d even cheer on Chelsea, the team I love to hate! LOL 😉

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