Jack O’ Lantern

A Halloween poem for Open Link Night over at dVerse.


In the black, black night

Heavy with memories

Chill wind and rotting leaves

Carry the voices of the dead

Jack grins


With pulpy gums

And geometric eyes

He smiles on the darkness

Sputtering light

An orangey glow

Of fluttering flame

Peers from between Jack’s teeth

As if afraid to come out

This night

Jack smiles beneath the cloudy moon

Only he

And the spirits know

Whether his light

Wards them off

Or guides them

9 thoughts on “Jack O’ Lantern

    • Thank you šŸ™‚ I remembered reading that jack o’ lanterns were originally meant to scare off evil spirits, but I also seem to recall seeing something else that claimed they were meant to light the way for spirits to the afterlife. So I figure only the pumpkin and the spirits know for sure, lol.

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