St. Andrew’s Day- My Scotland

I feel the pull

A tug on my heart

Something stirs

Something ancient

Voices in my blood


When I hear the pipes

My ancestors call

When I see pictures

Of lochs and hills

Whether I’m watching “Monarch of the Glen”

Or an SPL match

My blood remembers

And I feel the longing


The swell of pride

At the blue and white

Of St. Andrew’s cross

Or the red and gold

Of the lion rampant

I hear those who came before

Settlers in a New World

Singing songs of a home I’ve never known

In a lilting brogue


One day

I hope to answer that call

To stand

In a land my blood remembers


My Scotland


Happy St. Andrew’s Day (Scottish St. Patrick’s Day for those unfamiliar with it) to all my fellow Scots!!  Schlante! 🙂


Try to see beyond sight

Listen beyond hearing

Think beyond thought

Live beyond existence

Love beyond desire

Within us all there is something

Known without knowing

Maybe there

Under yesterday’s paper

Next to the memory of last week

Tucked away

Where we thought we’d remember it

There is something

A face

A place

A sight, sound or taste

Folded neatly

Waiting inside us to be found

To remind each of us

All we ever need to do is





And love




Fifteen years ago today we stood

Hand in hand

Speaking those words

Lighting a candle

Cutting a cake

All through matching smiles

Two children in all but age we were

And some thought we were crazy:

“A wedding? On opening day of deer season?!”

We were united

In love


No, it didn’t last

Only about half the span

Between then and now

But the memory’s glow

Still makes me smile

No bitterness

No regret

Not even that it ended

Because to end

It had to begin


Maybe they were right

We were crazy

Even to this day

When we laugh together

And wish each other

A Happy Un-niversary

Where so many poor souls

Broken couples

Can’t even speak

We still walk

A path begun on that aisle

And branching out over time

But still united

In friendship


For my best friend and the best ex-wife a guy could ask for, LOL 😉

Sky’s Gone Out

The stars have been gone

For far too long

Weeks of weeping clouds

Dire drizzle

I feel deflated

Hollowed out

Eyes gone wonderless

Come, the moon

Soft and blazing

Chase the sky clear

Come, Taurus and Jupiter,

Gemini, Orion, Auriga

Set the hounds of Sirius loose

Free the heavens to rain ancient light

To charge me

Energize me

Ionize me

Refill me

With the fuel of wonder


**Yes, I stole the title of this from Bauhaus  😉

Paper Doll

I originally posted this back in March of this year, but a post by Gabbie on her blog

Tell me, when will my life begin made me decide to re-post it.


She’s a paper doll

The kind you’d like to pin up on the wall

So it seems

That questions always follow from my dreams

And where, why, who has left this paperdoll upon my door?

I see her, but my eyesight’s very poor

And I want more


She’s a paper doll

Thing’s just aren’t as obvious after all

Clinging to

All my old thoughts, while this is nothing new

Just as I reached through the hanging mist and touched the day

The day was cold and sterile anyway

And yet I stay


New feelings call from another room

And I must answer their cry soon

Or leave the paper doll

Upon the table

Ink blue eyes

On the paper doll

Pencil tears

Drawn from my eyes

Over the paper doll


-March 1992