Fifteen years ago today we stood

Hand in hand

Speaking those words

Lighting a candle

Cutting a cake

All through matching smiles

Two children in all but age we were

And some thought we were crazy:

“A wedding? On opening day of deer season?!”

We were united

In love


No, it didn’t last

Only about half the span

Between then and now

But the memory’s glow

Still makes me smile

No bitterness

No regret

Not even that it ended

Because to end

It had to begin


Maybe they were right

We were crazy

Even to this day

When we laugh together

And wish each other

A Happy Un-niversary

Where so many poor souls

Broken couples

Can’t even speak

We still walk

A path begun on that aisle

And branching out over time

But still united

In friendship


For my best friend and the best ex-wife a guy could ask for, LOL 😉

5 thoughts on “Un-niversary

  1. I like that you made this tribute to your ex wife- How lovely that you are friends. People should never lose sight of the fact that circumstances and people change and need to move on.

    • I hope it does work for you too, Sarah. For us it was a matter of remembering the good, forgiving the bad, and accepting the fact that we all change over time. If more people did that, they’d be a lot happier. 🙂

  2. Very inspirational. Love is always love and is always something to thank for. You and your ex-wife are a beautiful example of what two people can achive if they don’t give up to their relationship only because is ended one “kind” of love.
    Have a nice day,

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