St. Andrew’s Day- My Scotland

I feel the pull

A tug on my heart

Something stirs

Something ancient

Voices in my blood


When I hear the pipes

My ancestors call

When I see pictures

Of lochs and hills

Whether I’m watching “Monarch of the Glen”

Or an SPL match

My blood remembers

And I feel the longing


The swell of pride

At the blue and white

Of St. Andrew’s cross

Or the red and gold

Of the lion rampant

I hear those who came before

Settlers in a New World

Singing songs of a home I’ve never known

In a lilting brogue


One day

I hope to answer that call

To stand

In a land my blood remembers


My Scotland


Happy St. Andrew’s Day (Scottish St. Patrick’s Day for those unfamiliar with it) to all my fellow Scots!!  Schlante! 🙂

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