It was my own tradition


Those few torturous years

Between a young man

Or an old child

I walked my hometown streets

Booted feet squeak-crunching on snow

Wrapped up in plaid scarf

And an old olive army coat

I walked in cold night air

Breath a sparkling mist before my face

Headphones feeding

Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker to my imagination

Street after small town street

Across Maple Avenue, up to Queen Anne’s Place

Alone I walked

The warm glow of Christmas lights

Like a shattered electric rainbow

Sprinkled against the pristine whiteness

Of lake-effect snow

And the soundless depths of evergreen

I walked for that moment


Snowflakes embracing me

The night softly humming “Silent Night” to itself

Witnessing the beauty

Of a small town Christmas

In which I and all the world around me

Were decorations


As a teenager I loved walking around my hometown on a December evening to look at all the Christmas lights and decorations.  It was always so peaceful and the lights were very pretty.  This is for the prompt on dVerse about first person perspective in poetry.

18 thoughts on “Decorated

  1. smiles….very cool…i like the thought of us as decorations for the holidays….i grew up in small town america too…and still relatively close…we went to the holiday market yesterday….i like the sounds you use…the squee crunch of snow under your boots….

    • Thank you very much. I’m sure cities can be beautiful at Christmas time too, but there’s really nothing like the holiday season in a small town. 🙂

  2. The “Nutcracker” to me always means “the life and the magic that lies in everything” especially in Christmas time. Thanks for sharing your emotions…

    PS on my blog there is a little “thing” for you

  3. very nicely done. I love the walk you took us on, easy to visualize. I know all about the lake effect snow as well, and it is a different time of the year in December. Really great write. Thanks

    • We don’t get very much snow in December around here like we used to when I was younger. It’s nice not having to drive in it, but the Christmas lights just don’t look the same with out that blanket of white surrounding them. Thanks for joining me on the trip down memory lane. 🙂

  4. …very engaging write…i had almost the same observations of the different shapes and faces of the coming holidays… from foods in the street, colourful lanterns, cold morning breeze to the sweet chritmas carols of children in both rural & urban lands… ah…what more to have to feel a real happiness… thank you for such a reflective piece you have here… pass the tea… smiles…

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