Continuance of the World

The continuance of the world
Beginning and end are the same
The world begins and ends every day
Not one day
Constantly apocalyptic
An endless ending
And a fathomless beginning
Each day
Season into season
Colors running together
So that who can say
Where one ends
And another begins
In the continuance of the world


In the words of REM, it’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine.

7 thoughts on “Continuance of the World

  1. Though the ending of the Mayan calendar landing on the Winter Solstice can, at least metaphorically, represent the end of things and the beginning of others

  2. Dear David, even if the meaning of “Time” has a different shade, those words remind me of a beautiful Emily Dickinson poem that i’m letting you here as my wish of a Happy Christmas:

    “Forever – is composed of Nows
    ‘Tis not a different time
    Except for Infiniteness
    And Latitude of Home

    From this – experienced Here
    Remove the Dates – to These
    Let Months dissolve in further Months
    And Years – exhale in Years

    Without Debate – or Pause
    Or Celebrated Days
    No different Our Years would be
    From Anno Dominies”

    Happy Holydays,

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