Change comes quietly
Until the moment
You look around and ask yourself
“How did I get here?
And how can I go back?”
The future begins
With the realization
There is no going back
There is no direction
But forward


For Claudia’s “Change” prompt on dVerse this week.

24 thoughts on “Change

    • Many years ago I wrote something with the line: “You can’t be a part of the new world, unless you’re not afraid to watch the old one die”. Kind of harsh sounding, I know, but sort of the same meaning as this poem really.

  1. amen…burn the ships, lets move forward….i like your little quip in the comments as well…funny just watched the latest batman movie tonight and he had to learn similar to get out of the pit of a prison he found himself in…

  2. there’s no direction but forward…and it’s a good thing that we don’t live in the past..even if we would love to go back for a bit..time travel would be cool…wouldn’t it..? smiles

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