Do you understand?

Putasne intelligis?
Do you understand?
All these words
Een mengsel, a mixture, of sounds and syllables
Nouns, verbs, adjectives
Frénétique liberté phonétique
Frenetic phonetic freedom
Every word, every sentence
Whether I speak of love
A spark inside my heart
Or of beauty’s inspiration
Füttrung meiner seele
Feeding my soul
Or the echoes of time and memory
Ghostly shades of the past
And the emotions they reverberate
All of these words
Tutte queste parole
Everything spoken
Everything written
Each breath that makes a sound
Em qualquer língua, på nogen læber
In any tongue, on any lips
Every thought and feeling expressed
Carries inside
The eternal Human question
La qüestió Humana eterna
Buried in its rhythm
Between the lines and beneath the voice
In eloquence or awkwardness
All words ask
¿Lo entiendes?
Ne comprenez-vous?
Putasne intelligis?
Do you

For the dVerse prompt on using other languages in our poems.  I love languages so this was right up my alley!  The other languages used in this in the order they appear is: Latin, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Danish, Catalan, Greek, Spanish, French, and Latin…No, I don’t speak all these languages. Some of the words I knew, some I have to give Google Translate the credit for.  🙂

Growing Up

At ten years old
I didn’t know
How to drive a car
Or balance a checkbook
Or that love isn’t always forever

At twenty years old
I didn’t know
How to balance a job
With going to college
Or what I wanted to do with my life

At thirty years old
I didn’t know
How to look beyond myself
Or that I was letting
My marriage slowly slip away

At forty years old
All that I know
Is that growing up
Like growing older
Is a process that never ends


For Stuart McPherson’s “Growing Up” prompt on dVerse.

A Thing of Beauty

Memories are jewels

Set in the foggy fabric of time

I keep them polished and gleaming

So that every thought of you

Is a thing of beauty

That will never fade


I originally posted this for a challenge on another blog back in April, but I don’t think that blog is active anymore.  Instead I’ll re-post it for Open Link Night #78 on dVerse.


To seek peace
Is to seek a moment
Escape, however brief
From this hoarse caustic rush
Of the day to day
Wearing me down
Slowly but surely
Exposing nerves
Bleeding away energy
Until I feel like an over-used eraser
On a child’s pencil

A moment of peace
Like bursting through the water’s surface
Gasping all the air I can take
May be a long night’s sleep
Or a summer evening bonfire
Or a simple glance at the stars
That is peace
In a busy world of speed
With the demanding grip of productivity
In a world of “must” and “do” and “go” and “more”
Is that moment of
Stolen simplicity

For the “Peace” prompt over on dVerse.