To seek peace
Is to seek a moment
Escape, however brief
From this hoarse caustic rush
Of the day to day
Wearing me down
Slowly but surely
Exposing nerves
Bleeding away energy
Until I feel like an over-used eraser
On a child’s pencil

A moment of peace
Like bursting through the water’s surface
Gasping all the air I can take
May be a long night’s sleep
Or a summer evening bonfire
Or a simple glance at the stars
That is peace
In a busy world of speed
With the demanding grip of productivity
In a world of “must” and “do” and “go” and “more”
Is that moment of
Stolen simplicity

For the “Peace” prompt over on dVerse.

3 thoughts on “Peace=Simplicity

  1. A beautiful poem, David. I enjoy the pace and rhythm, the quietude about it, the way you define peace as simplicity ~ a cool piece of work ~ what a shame you missed dVerse … you could always post it on Tuesday for Open Link Night πŸ™‚

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