Moulin Rouge

This global stage
Blurring the lines
Between performers and audience
This ethereal pixelated
Moulin Rouge
Will you dazzle and astound?
An explosion of color and sound
Or remain the observer?
Watching from the stage
The performances in the seats
We can do both
Be both
Take in the show
While putting on our own
Stage diving in reverse
Exploring the stories
Of each other’s existence
In the Greatest Show on Earth

dVerse Open Link Night #82

9 thoughts on “Moulin Rouge

  1. stage diving in reverse…worked stage crew at concerts back in the day…and pulled a few back out the pit as well…yes we can play both…put on our show…and visit others being their audience to encourage them….

  2. nice…surely the lines between performer and audience blur more and more and it gives us so much new possibilities as well…surely time to get up from our seats, play along and bring our personality and skills into the game

  3. I prefer the behind the scenes—nobody notices you—role. not an easy one to break out of, but you are correct—with this unusual “global stage” stepping out of ones traditional role does male for one great show.

  4. As Shakespeare says: “All the world’s a stage”. So let’s dance, but for our pleasure, not only for the audiance…

    Have a nice day – or a good performance 😉 – dear David.

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