I am
Always have been
Always will be
Defiantly different
Unapologetically unique
Oddly open minded
In a world of followers
The boringly normal
I revel
In the freedom of freakdom
The freedom to be
Who I want to be
The person I love being
Boringly abnormal

For dVerse Open Link Night #89

11 thoughts on “Freak

    • That line was inspired by a quote from one of my favorite books, Rat Scabies and the Holy Grail by Christopher Dawes. In the book, Dawes’ friend, French photographer Richard Bellia, tells him: “Perhaps that’s it, huh? Perhaps that’s the choice we all have to make: boringly normal or boringly abnormal? Which do you want to be?”
      That’s one of my all time favorite quotes. 🙂

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