Written Words Read

There is a connection
Through nothingness
In contemplative silence
Across immeasurable distance
We connect
With words written
Words read
Though no voice is heard
No face seen
No eye to eye glimpse
Into a passionate mind
Or a colorful soul
But as we read each others words
Is made
Perhaps soon forgotten
Maybe forever remembered
That inner voice
Small and hidden
Is an ethereal
In written words
Between distant minds

NaPoWriMo 2013 post #16 and dVerse Open Link Night #92

16 thoughts on “Written Words Read

  1. Love this piece! So true is the connection between poet and reader. Now always do I have this connection. But there are those times that I read the words of a poet and I feel like time is standing still and I have stepped into their world…It makes my heart catch! Wonderful write!

  2. Sometimes…communication is more pure…more easily gained through just the written word …without the intrusion of a face, gestures…you’ve captured this well. x

  3. words definitely are an extraordinary entity. it’s important to make connections, no matter how brief or how long…’cause words can linger well beyond.

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