Big Water

“Water, water everywhere…”
In image after image
That’s what came home
Nestled in memories
Captured in my camera
The Ohio River
The Tennessee Valley
The sunny, crystalline turquoise
Of the Gulf of Mexico
BIG water
To one who has lived
Forever within landlocked hills
Little rivers and tiny lakes
Dotted between
Forests and fields
Big water
Was a sight to behold
Wow factor
Surprising myself when I returned home
Finding I’d filled rolls of film
With images
Of water

But that
Is what a trip is
An exploration
A discovery
What you’ve never seen
And never even realized was beyond
Your own experience

NaPoWriMo post #18 and manicdaily‘s “Trip” prompt for Poetics on dVerse …Wish I had some of the photos I took on that trip to post with this, but they are not on my computer.

14 thoughts on “Big Water

  1. very cool…water is so magical…rivers, oceans..even how you sum this up in the last stanza..a discovery beyond of what we knew before…a good trip does just that..

  2. Wonderful description of water and wonderful description of how one gets captivated by something that can’t quite be captured on film, and yet one takes picture after picture. I find that with landscape anyway – don’t have a good camera -but so hard to do the panoramic views and when one comes back and looks, the same shimmer is not on the photo =though still hopefully in memory. k.

  3. This reminded me of my trip to Canada. I saw Lake Ontario and thought, this aint no lake! Here, you can see across our lakes and see most end to end. But I love water, so this spoke to me.

  4. nice….the discovery is def the part of the trip that i look forward to…lived much closer to the big water when i was in florida…but we are never too far from water in some form…now its rivers which i find myself at all too often…smiles..

  5. You got it. The adventure of seeing new things is the allure of trips. I can identify so much with the fascination for big water. Living in the middle of rural farmland gives me a sense of openness, though not nearly the same as standing on a shore looking out over the horizon beyond the sea.

    • Thank you very much, Ami! By the way, I really enjoyed your “First Love” series of poems for NaPoWriMo. Great work! 🙂

  6. If i close my eyes i can feel the water on my skin, surrounding me… thanks, David: the sceneries pictured by your worlds are always so vivid.

    Have a nice we

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