Sound and Vision

Beethoven: Symphony No. 7  by David Eric Cummins

Beethoven: Symphony No. 7 by David Eric Cummins

Lightning dances
Across the mind’s eye
Radiating energy
Illuminating vision
That sees beyond reality
To see the unseen
Sound and vision
Become one
Seeing music
Hearing light
For an instant
Day is night
And night is day
And color
Begins to speak

I originally posted this about a year ago, but when I read Victoria C. Slotto‘s prompt on dVerse about “Synesthesia”, or sensory confusion, this poem immediately sprang to mind.  The painting is one I did using pieces of string and thread coated with paint and slapped against the canvas.

Save Us

Come with me to the meadow
Where tired green things wake
Meeting the sun in hot moist agony
Nothing cries out
We know no one can save us
No heroic Hollywood Jesus
With a handsome roguish grin
Only ourselves
Misty eyed and embarrassed
By our own naked reflections
Grasping at choices
And trying to hide our own
Mock insanity
Within the shadowed chaos of our dreams

Amongst the living
Only we
Can save ourselves from death

A little Jim Morrison inspired poetry for dVerse Open Link Night – Week 98


A world beyond dreams
Exotic face of mystique
Asia is beauty

Kelvin over at dVerse has given us the prompt of writing about Asia for Poetics this week, so I figured I’d go with a haiku.
Though I’ve never been to Asia, it has held a fascination for me since I was young.  I love Asian music, food, literature, art, history, tv, etc, regardless of which culture across the continent it comes from.


How does it feel?
When no one believes in you
When the odds are against you
And failure
Is expected

What strength of will does it require?
Of self-belief
Unshattered steel determination
To stand before the flames
When all around you
Expect you to burn

How does it feel?
To walk through that fire
A phoenix
And saying
I knew
I could do it

Congratulations to Wigan Athletic and all their fans on winning the 2013 FA Cup final against Manchester City today.  Though they were huge underdogs, Wigan played like champions and never doubted in themselves.  The game was a joy to watch. 🙂

Wigan Athletic Win 2013 FA Cup (image from

The Nose Knows Its Spring

The nose knows
Senses the scent from a mile away
The first mowed grass of spring
The freshness
Scent of green
Of Earth renewed
That April-May flavor
Of sunny warm breezes
Like a sigh of relief
After winter’s long held breath

But by summer’s peak
Dry and sunburnt July
The bark of ‘dog days’
The nose forgets
Becomes accustomed
Instead of attuned
Tuned out
Until spring returns
As far as the nose
Grass is only mowed
In the spring