A world beyond dreams
Exotic face of mystique
Asia is beauty

Kelvin over at dVerse has given us the prompt of writing about Asia for Poetics this week, so I figured I’d go with a haiku.
Though I’ve never been to Asia, it has held a fascination for me since I was young.  I love Asian music, food, literature, art, history, tv, etc, regardless of which culture across the continent it comes from.

15 thoughts on “Asia

  1. Exotic face of mystique…that describes it beautifully… i always was fascinated with asia as well…such a different lifestyle and culture…it’s fascinating..and i love asian food as well..

    • I think what first made me interested in Asia was a book called “My Life as an Explorer” by Sven Hedin, which I first read when I was about 14 years old. Hedin was a Swedish geographer who explored and mapped much of central Asia and Tibet around the turn of the last century. It’s a fascinating read!

    • I’ve thought that myself. Everyone probably thinks their own corner of the world is rather dull and common since they experience it everyday. But to people from far different places, they seem exotic and unique.

    • Thank you, Polly. That’s a cool name! I’ve never heard of Asia being used as a girl’s name before, but it is very pretty. 🙂

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