Save Us

Come with me to the meadow
Where tired green things wake
Meeting the sun in hot moist agony
Nothing cries out
We know no one can save us
No heroic Hollywood Jesus
With a handsome roguish grin
Only ourselves
Misty eyed and embarrassed
By our own naked reflections
Grasping at choices
And trying to hide our own
Mock insanity
Within the shadowed chaos of our dreams

Amongst the living
Only we
Can save ourselves from death

A little Jim Morrison inspired poetry for dVerse Open Link Night – Week 98

22 thoughts on “Save Us

    • Thank you very much. I’ve been listening to the Doors quite a bit the past week since I heard Ray Manzarek passed away.

  1. What kind of death, I wonder? As we all still have to go through the physical kind eventually. But your poem is very convincing!

    • I purposely kept it rather vague so each reader can take their own interpretation of that.
      Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  2. Amongst the living….only we can save ourselves from death….
    Wow fantastic!!!!!!! And excellent choice for inspiration!! By any chance was it “not to touch the earth…not to see the sun…nothing left to do but run run run…”

    • Oh, I love Not To Touch The Earth! 🙂 Actually, I’d mostly been listening to the albums Strange Days and L.A. Woman lately.
      Glad you liked it. Thanks! 🙂

  3. nice. i do like some morisson….he was the first poet, outside of silverstein i read…our choices will def save us a certain bit…our decisions…i think we do more to kill ourselves though…

  4. This was quite powerful. Saving ourselves from death to live eternally? Or saving ourselves from death, and making a choice to be alive…yes this is it. I choose to live and be alive. Live forever, forever is now.

    • Thank you, Shawn…That’s a choice that has to made everyday. So many people go through life never really making the choice either way.

  5. No effort can save from death
    for anything living must come to an end
    but yes, many efforts to stay alive
    till death comes 🙂
    that doesn’t make me wait for death

  6. Oh yes, I can feel the JM influence. I reread your poem, and the second time I could hear the music to “Riders in the Storm” in the background of my mind – Nice!

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