Sound and Vision

Beethoven: Symphony No. 7  by David Eric Cummins

Beethoven: Symphony No. 7 by David Eric Cummins

Lightning dances
Across the mind’s eye
Radiating energy
Illuminating vision
That sees beyond reality
To see the unseen
Sound and vision
Become one
Seeing music
Hearing light
For an instant
Day is night
And night is day
And color
Begins to speak

I originally posted this about a year ago, but when I read Victoria C. Slotto‘s prompt on dVerse about “Synesthesia”, or sensory confusion, this poem immediately sprang to mind.  The painting is one I did using pieces of string and thread coated with paint and slapped against the canvas.

29 thoughts on “Sound and Vision

  1. make those colors speak…its like being inside a combustion engine when it starts up, only this time its the mind of the poet…and once it gets going you better watch out…smiles

    • Thank you, Victoria. This was a great prompt. I’d never heard the word ‘synethesia’ before reading your prompt. Really interesting topic.

    • I hadn’t even thought about Beethoven’s deafness at the time, but I believe you’re right. The painting was done while listening to his symphony #7, letting the music guide and inspire my hand. Then the poem was inspired by looking at the painting while recalling the music.

    • Thank you so much, Miriam! 😀 If I’d thought of it when I posted this, I should have included an audio clip of the music to go along with the poem and painting.

  2. I stopped by for the dVerse June 25th post, and found myself running down your marvelous posts. I like the sparse style and your artwork is extremely expressive and compelling. I’m glad I stopped by…. I left you a link to another post that is relevant to this one.

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