Against my better judgement
I believe in love
The most bittersweet illusion
Something that can not be held
Or contained
A flame the hand passes through
As if it wasn’t there
Leaving pain
And the desire
The longing
To touch it one more time

It is there
But it is not
A shimmering of heat devils
(Or angels?)
In the distance
The Siren song singing
That love is real
And waiting
As elusive and dangerous
As fire
In the palm of your hand

This was inspired by a brilliant post by Toasha on her blog Pain is Universal.  Please go check out her fantastic poetry!
This also fits pretty well with Claudia’s prompt over at the dVerse pub. 😉

17 thoughts on “Fire

    • You’re very welcome. I love it when I read someone’s poem and words start popping into my head like that. Especially when I hadn’t written anything in a while. 🙂

  1. ah i am that fool as well…believing in love…not just for myself but others…i have mine now so it makes it easy, even then though it takes belief and in hard times believing still…smiles…nicely done…

  2. I’ll opt for the heat of love over the cold of indifference every time. Those feelings and experiences forever remain in the abstract and yet they are more real than anything concrete or material. Great write!

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