Art Show

Someone’s dog will be there
In an endearing pose
Watercolor eyes peering upward
From lovingly framed canvas
A child will be there too
Graphite grandchildren
Captured in repose
Precociously lifelike
And the barns!
Oh, the barns will be there to be sure
Rustic, Idyllic
Nestled between pastel hills
Staring across golden fields
Where fence posts always seem
In need of repair

I haven’t seen them yet
But they will be there
Obligatory as the irises,
Sunflowers and daisies
Oil based blossoms and pastel blooms
Like amber imprisoned insects in gilt frames
All skillfully rendered
Beautiful reality
And again
And again

But I have seen them
The dogs and grandchildren
The barns and flowers
They speak of technique
Of talent, patience and- yes- beauty
But they do not speak
To me

That small- Oh, so small- section
That wall of abstraction
Of emotion and illusion
Where most linger a moment
“Hmm, interesting.”
And move on
Those artistic explosions
Of color and shape
Form, contrast and texture
Expression of a world
There I hear
Voices of truth
Singing through
From oil and canvas
In frames not frames
But windows
On another world

2012 Art Show abstract entries.  The two on the right are my creations.

2012 Art Show abstract entries. The two on the right are my creations.

More 2012 Art Show abstracts.  The one on the far right is also one of mine.

More 2012 Art Show abstracts. The one on the far right is also one of mine.

I certainly don’t mean to belittle the work of more realistic artists in any way.  The skill and patience needed for that kind of art boggles my mind.  But, let’s face it, after a few art shows all those paintings and drawings of dogs, grandchildren, barns and flowers all start to look the same.  At least to me.  But the abstract work never fails to fascinate me. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Art Show

  1. I enjoyed your poem and share your view to certain extent. I enjoy abstract and surrealist art. Some cubism is also fascinating. What I do not enjoy is a lousy painting with a lousy title such as ‘untitled’ –absolute lack of creativity.

    • I think the titles are very important. They can change my whole outlook on a piece. I sometimes agonize over just what to title my artwork so that it conveys a sense of the thought I put into it.

  2. I too have experienced that sort of overload in art galleries – sometimes it’s like being over-faced by a large meal, daunting before you begin and you have to leave some – nice capture, David 🙂

    • That’s a good analogy. It’s like a big Christmas (or Thanksgiving here in the States) dinner. It’s wonderful on the day, but if you had it every week it wouldn’t seem special anymore.

      Thanks, Polly. 🙂

  3. I have seen some very impressive abstract paintings and some great, more realistic ones. The abstract paintings give more to ponder for your own imagination. And a combination of the two is probably what I like best 🙂 I try to draw faces myself in a very mdest way, and the miracle to me is when I succeed in capturing recognizable features 🙂 but I doubt that is art!

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