Sorted Books



My life as an explorer
Beyond Einstein
(As you like it)
In the days of the comet
In the midst of life
No one here gets out alive

For dVerse Form for All: The Hidden Poetry in Books


17 thoughts on “Sorted Books

  1. Your titles are well chosen and add up to a pleasing whole – at least in poetry terms … smiles. And it’s true, no matter how much we try to deny it, death is the only certainty in life; even taxes can be avoided if you’re wealthy enough to pay someone to do that for you….

  2. oh heck..i hope i manage to get out of this comment box alive ya know…smiles… cool on doing a second one as well tony… and i think einstein would’ve like if we go beyond what he discovered…he was never satisfied…

  3. Such a subtle humor in this, but truths as well – that life is a journey and we are explorers. cosmonauts on a journey that ends in darkness. Well done!

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