Calm lightning breezes

Dance through the scene

Eating yesterday

In a wicked haze

Watch the rolling time fly

In colors

Rainbow tied

To cheap censure

Why block the mind

In silk and gauzy white?


Rhythmic winds of lost lands

A head full of meanings

Draped in intentions

Pleased to invent

Placid reverberations

In close presence

Touching the chords

Rattle with me a little while

Sharp and wicked like we like it

Peel yourself off the day

Interrupt the sky


We have something to be

Brilliant symbols

Of fallen gods

They’ve got to move

Feel it in your veins

Giving motion to sound

Tempting the blank slate

Blossom and bloom

Shake, baby, shake


This is how it feels

Music echoing from your fingertips

Oblivion in my bones

Traveling the last road

South of nowhere

Anyone Still Out There?

It’s been a long time since I posted anything here, but I’m back. I’d stopped writing for a few years. I’d just run out of things to say. But a little over a year ago I finally started writing some poetry and song lyrics again. It’s a new phase of my writing. A lot of it has been stream of consciousness inspired by music genres I’ve gotten into like vaporwave, psy-trance, jazz and dub techno. Some has been observations on society and the current state of civilization.

I don’t know how much of my new stuff I’ll be posting, but I will be putting at least some new writing on here in the coming days and weeks.

So if any of my old followers are still around using WordPress I’ll look forward to your feedback once again.