Angels- Parts 1 & 2

Taste the filth of my inactivity

The rancidness

I stand as dead

While angels from the past

Taunt me

With hypnotic fleshy lips

And serpentine flowing hips

Or a childlike ponytail

The past creeps in the dark to slap me


But I’m not me

I’m motionless

Staring from within some other body

This is not me


Finding my way back

Would be to enter the past

My body lies covered in dust

In a box of mementos

Something hidden away

Where only time can find it


Maybe I can find it

And I can lure the angels down

Seeds can lie dormant

And grow at will

So can I

And I can raise angels




Taste the sugar of my resurgence

Though it may be short lived

And the ends may have changed

Truth will out

Even when it’s painful

And it tries to be viscious

The truth is its own worst enemy


In a corner of the mind

Like a revolutionary

Trying to spread its gospel

Lies are a painkiller

But I have no more need of them


Pastels run into darks

They are stained and left wasted

Like loving someone who doesn’t exist

So that in the end

Existence depends

On what you exist for


Where it leads you

Is back to the start


A theif

Leaves you where you began

Looking for something

And being non-existent

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