Speak Softly

Speak softly

Gentle child

And tell me what you’ve seen

What you’ve heard

What’s been done

Where you’ve been

Who are you?


I knew you

Or someone like you

In pastel colored days

When the sky was always a haze

And the foul minded

Sheet metal world didn’t exist


That was love


Sweet pale blindness

A youthful ecstasy

So that the gods sighed with nostalgia


Time took away my blindfold

As well as you

And when I opened my eyes

The world was black


Speak softly

Gentle girl

And tell me

Is the world still as it seemed?

Can I still look through rose colored glasses?

Or will it look like fire?

Engulfing a civilization

On the brink of discovery

Can I still look through rose colored glasses

And see you?


Reality has no lover

Time knows no shame

And fate has no fear

Of crushing a love

Of murdering feeling

Like a firing squad of the damned


Speak softly

Gentle lady

My mind is sore

And I am scream sick

Tortured by reality’s half-sung chorus


Speak of your highway

And those who have toured there

Like a documentary

Filling my head with new mysteries

I can only pretend to understand


Ruin comes quickly

As a new fad sweeping the nation

And passes just as muddled and confused

Resurrection comes at a high price


Your words, dear lady,

Are the words of god

On a clear night

On the open plain

Speak softly

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