Forgotten Treasure

The scent of aging books

And hundred year old wooden shelves

Is like a breath of fresh air

Full of possibilities

Is there any louder silence

Than being the only patron walking the aisles

Of a library at night?


I shuffle through the silence




Hunting for treasure

The ones no one seeks anymore

The lost and forgotten

Aged spines stiff and dry

Pages grown yellow and fragile

Ancient volumes

Of Byron and Henley, Dickens and Thomas Grey,

History books that have become history themselves

Carefully I pull them from their shelves

The crack and creak as their cloth bound covers

Open for the first time in decades

Like a long held sigh of relief


Inside the back covers

Crumbling cards in little pockets

Look fossilized with disuse

Stamped with dusty dates in black and red ink

Dates no more recent

Than the Great Depression

Or the Roaring Twenties

Alone and untouched

Purposeless they’ve sat on these shelves

Dolefully watching a century go by

Come with me, my ink and paper friends,

I think as I carry these lost gems

Forgotten treasures

To the Librarian, smiling and surprised

To see someone so young with books so old

Come with me, I think as I walk home

Books under my arm

Let me give you purpose

Once again


For Open Link Night #74 on dVerse.