Change comes quietly
Until the moment
You look around and ask yourself
“How did I get here?
And how can I go back?”
The future begins
With the realization
There is no going back
There is no direction
But forward


For Claudia’s “Change” prompt on dVerse this week.

Waiting for the sun

Waiting for the sun to rise

Cold wet night seeps into my bones

The wind moans under its own chill breath

Carrying away the smoke of my cigarette

The sound of strings and woodwinds from my window

Carrying away my thoughts

Scattering them across the world

In a hazy, spiraling swirl


Waiting for the sun to rise

Chase the faceless nothingness away

Bring something new

Begin something

Throw open the doors of perception

The doors of possibility

Let the hinges of my mind unfold

Like a book dropped

Falling open to a new page


Waiting for the sun to rise

Watching the minutes flicker by

Hours disappear like drying puddles

‘Til I can rush towards freedom

Brief and sweet

Home again, where I work

To fill no other man’s pockets

Only the coffers of my soul



For the sun to rise


The words unspoken

Shout loudest of all

The words

That could set us free

Or make all things clear

The hardest words to utter

Are the ones that could cause change

The unknown

Change is scary

Is it better to live in chains?

Is it better to hide behind silence?

The keys to freedom and truth

Lie within

Longing to be spoken

Taking the Leap

Vistas open up before me

A panorama

Roads stretching to the horizon

And beyond

Though surely shimmering

They are no mirage

I see paths eternal

Each a choice

Each requiring

A leap of faith

Faith of Self

Some paths are so easy

You find yourself travelling

A road you don’t remember taking

Others are hard

Others need that spark

That internal combustion of the mind

Some paths are only reached

Through the quantum leap

From one state to another

Changing everything in an instant

Yet all the roads, all the paths

Are there

For good or ill

For you to choose

And if you don’t like the road you are on

Perhaps it is time

To take that leap