Walk on the Wild Side- Lou Reed Tribute

Standing on a corner
Suitcase in my hand
Lisa says
“I’m waiting for my man”
And I say “Hey, babe,
Take a walk on the wild side.
Sail the darkened seas.
Your European son is gone,
Bye, bye, bye.”

Shiny, shiny
Shiny boots of leather
And a big straw hat
But what costume shall the poor girl wear?
A femme fatale
Beginning to see the light

What goes on in your mind?
I don’t know
Just where I’m going
But anyone who ever had a heart
They wouldn’t turn around and break it
How does it feel
To be loved?

Life’s like
Sanskrit read to a pony
But despite all the amputations
Despite all the computations
What’s good?
Life’s good
And it was all right

This is my tribute to Lou Reed who passed away last Sunday.  This is completely made up of lines from Lou’s songs with the Velvet Underground and a couple of his solo songs.  Sort of a poetry/musical/lyrical collage.
I’m not sure if it really fits with Anna’s Meeting the Bar post on dVerse, but I’ll just throw it out there and let everyone else decide. 🙂

I Am Jack

No more
No longer sitting
In the cold, rustling Autumn wind
One among the multitude
Of the pumpkin patch

A split-faced grin
And ever glaring eyes
Blade forged features
More human than gourd now
No sweet baked pie
A fire within
This matte orange rind
Pale, pulpy flesh
Flickering to life

From gourd to guard
A sentinel
Of frosty nights and fallen leaves
No longer faceless
I am Jack
And my season has come
Jack-O-LanternFor dVerse Poetics pumpkin poetry prompt (try saying that five times fast, lol)


Against my better judgement
I believe in love
The most bittersweet illusion
Something that can not be held
Or contained
A flame the hand passes through
As if it wasn’t there
Leaving pain
And the desire
The longing
To touch it one more time

It is there
But it is not
A shimmering of heat devils
(Or angels?)
In the distance
The Siren song singing
That love is real
And waiting
As elusive and dangerous
As fire
In the palm of your hand

This was inspired by a brilliant post by Toasha on her blog Pain is Universal.  Please go check out her fantastic poetry!
This also fits pretty well with Claudia’s prompt over at the dVerse pub. 😉

Beauty and Ugliness

Notions of beauty
And ugliness
Are feral
Impulses and impressions
From some deep forgotten place
An unconscious division
Desires and fears

Art exists
To show both sides
Scaling ethereal heights
Dredging unknown depths
Uncovering that place
Where beauty and ugliness
Become one

Kids With Guns by David Eric Cummins (inspired by Gorillaz- Kids With Guns-Jamie T's Mix)

Kids With Guns by David Eric Cummins (inspired by Gorillaz- Kids With Guns-Jamie T’s Mix)

For dVerse Open Link Night #102…The picture is a painting I entered in a local art show in 2011.  I very nearly didn’t enter it at all because I was afraid it was “too ugly”.  In the end I reminded myself that I should not apologize for my artwork, but let it speak for itself.

Sound and Vision

Beethoven: Symphony No. 7  by David Eric Cummins

Beethoven: Symphony No. 7 by David Eric Cummins

Lightning dances
Across the mind’s eye
Radiating energy
Illuminating vision
That sees beyond reality
To see the unseen
Sound and vision
Become one
Seeing music
Hearing light
For an instant
Day is night
And night is day
And color
Begins to speak

I originally posted this about a year ago, but when I read Victoria C. Slotto‘s prompt on dVerse about “Synesthesia”, or sensory confusion, this poem immediately sprang to mind.  The painting is one I did using pieces of string and thread coated with paint and slapped against the canvas.

Save Us

Come with me to the meadow
Where tired green things wake
Meeting the sun in hot moist agony
Nothing cries out
We know no one can save us
No heroic Hollywood Jesus
With a handsome roguish grin
Only ourselves
Misty eyed and embarrassed
By our own naked reflections
Grasping at choices
And trying to hide our own
Mock insanity
Within the shadowed chaos of our dreams

Amongst the living
Only we
Can save ourselves from death

A little Jim Morrison inspired poetry for dVerse Open Link Night – Week 98


A world beyond dreams
Exotic face of mystique
Asia is beauty

Kelvin over at dVerse has given us the prompt of writing about Asia for Poetics this week, so I figured I’d go with a haiku.
Though I’ve never been to Asia, it has held a fascination for me since I was young.  I love Asian music, food, literature, art, history, tv, etc, regardless of which culture across the continent it comes from.

My Treasure

We had a brand new swing set
Jungle gym
All white, red and blue
Metal pipes and bars
Ladders and swing chains
Assembled by my uncle
On a hot summer afternoon
Post holes dug deep
To keep it secure
My brothers and I
So eager to climb and play

The hard work done
Adults and children gathered indoors
Chatting around the kitchen table
As afternoon light
Faded to grey dusk
Except for
Still too eager
I knelt in the dirt
Hands black with soil
Filling the holes
Around the cold steel posts
Like planting a metal tree
Packing handfuls of earth and stones


It was just a stone
Caked with dirt
How long it had lain beneath the grass
I could never know
But this was no stone
No ordinary stone
Wiping away dirt
My heart leaped into my throat
Perhaps I even shouted
I don’t remember

A treasure!
An artifact
A small spearhead of flint
Formed by native hands
Long, long before
Any European set foot on this land

Like a blur I remember
Racing inside
Feet barely touching the ground
A smile on my face like no other
Proudly showing my treasure
To my astonished family

The swing set
Is long gone
Time rusted and crumbled
Decades past
But the ancient indian spearhead
That lay waiting so long
In the cold damp earth
Now polished and shining
Is still my treasure

NaPoWriMo 2013 post #6…True story!  I was about 8 or 9 I think when I found it…Linking this to dVerse for their “anecdote” prompt as well.

Child of the System

Stu McPherson’s prompt over at dVerse today is The Art of Rebellion.  So I dug up this nugget from way back in 1994 when my friends and I formed a rebellious little punk rock garage band. I wrote a lot of sneering, middle-finger-waving, punk song lyrics for the band back then, even though we never actually got around to putting music to them… Oh, well- Viva La Revolucion! LOL

Child of the system

You’re a child of the system

You’ll never be the same

No you’ll never know your name

You’re gonna do just what they want you to

You’re gonna do just what they want you to


Don’t look at me. Ha!

I told you so

They got you in the ruts

You’re just one among a million

Society takes away your guts


You’re part of it all

Look at yourself

They got you by the balls

Made you another self-righteous clone

Society keeps you in its walls


Child of the system

You’re a child of the system

You’ll never live again

Your whole life’s in vain

You did just what they wanted you to

You did just what they wanted you to


They said you need a degree

So you got one

Spend the next ten years in debt

Get the job you’re channeled into

You know you’ll be on the PTA yet


You’re setting up for

The American Dream

Whose dream is this anyway?

You’re now one among a million

Another zombie throwing your life away


Child of the system

You’re a child of the system

Your life is not what it seems

An American nightmare, not a dream

But you did just what they wanted you to

But you did just what they wanted you to

I made a lot of posters, t-shirts, etc with various versions of the “Child of the System” figure on them back in my spiky haired youth 😉