Beauty and Ugliness

Notions of beauty
And ugliness
Are feral
Impulses and impressions
From some deep forgotten place
An unconscious division
Desires and fears

Art exists
To show both sides
Scaling ethereal heights
Dredging unknown depths
Uncovering that place
Where beauty and ugliness
Become one

Kids With Guns by David Eric Cummins (inspired by Gorillaz- Kids With Guns-Jamie T's Mix)

Kids With Guns by David Eric Cummins (inspired by Gorillaz- Kids With Guns-Jamie T’s Mix)

For dVerse Open Link Night #102…The picture is a painting I entered in a local art show in 2011.  I very nearly didn’t enter it at all because I was afraid it was “too ugly”.  In the end I reminded myself that I should not apologize for my artwork, but let it speak for itself.



Is a silent smoke

An anesthetizing ether

Wrapping its wisps around your neck

Oh so gently

While from behind

The beast bares his fangs in a hateful grin


This was something I wrote last winter and then lost track of until now.  There’s just something about it that I never forgot a word of it once it was written.

365 Todays

I stand like stone



Crippled with fear

Like emotional polio




Am I so fragile?

A crystalline soul

Liable to collapse into a thousand splintered fragments?

Shards of glass

Where my heart once was?

Where my ego once stood?


But I break my own heart everyday

Always saving the sweetest lies

To tell myself

“Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow” I say

Knowing all the while

Where fear says “tomorrow”

Strength says…



Today is all there is

This day

Is the only day


Will always be just out of reach

But now-

Now is eternal

Look at the calendar and realize

It shows no tomorrows,

But 365



If I’m With You (The Lost Poem)

**I was just looking through some old notebooks of mine from the 90’s and I came across this.  I don’t even remember writing it, which is unheard of for me!  I think I’ll try adding more to it sometime, but for now, here it is- my Lost Poem from 1996 🙂  **


If I’m standing at the edge of the world

I can look over the side

Without a fear inside

If I’m with you


If I’m lost a thousand miles away

I can walk through the strangest place

Without a worry on my face

If I’m with you