Walking invisible
Ever seeking
The one who can see me

Searching for oneness
For laughter and life
For hands that seek to touch
And lips that seek to kiss
For eyes that seek to speak
Words that need not be spoken
Searching for the spark
That flares contentment
Into happiness

Invisibly walking
Someone somewhere
Seeks as I seek
Longing to see
And be seen



Now the world is bright
And childlike eyes can gleam
For there is naught to worry
But whether the sun shall beam

And “worry”, such a dreadful word
Let us go outside and play
For the world controls not my bliss
Come what will, come what may

Fools will spread their nonsense
Politicians will bluster
But why, within these rolling hills,
Should they dull my eyes’ luster?

My eyes view a world of beauty
Tinged with a hint of shame
But those who fill their hearts with darkness
Have only themselves to blame

This globe is both the yin and yang
There is good (and evil) here
But worldly evils castrate man
And I will not live in tears

Now the world is bright
And childlike, my dreams,
Consist of naught but tears of joy
Let the world be as it seems

NaPoWriMo 2013 post #13…This is a re-write of a poem I originally wrote in 1993

Lock and Key

To know who you are

To be satisfied


With your own self image

Is the key to happiness

But to know who you are NOT

And accept it


And without regret

Is the lock into which

The key fits

**Many thanks to Lady Day for getting me to wax poetic again after being immersed in fiction the past few weeks.  Funny how a passing comment can sometimes spark creativity.  😉

Til I go blind

What a scene is this

To see the one I miss

The pleasure in those sparkling eyes

The torture in my smiling disguise

I never want to look away

But bask in the warmth of all you say

Such joy wrapped around the pain

Such ecstasy, though maybe in vain

What brilliant masochistic treasure

To stab me with a knife of pleasure

Pain was once my drug of choice

And it’s such a fix to hear your voice

I could smile all night as you torment me

Both bitter and sweet, making me so happy

Like a beautiful light that burns my eyes

I could look at your face until I go blind